GDB3477 Chinese Auto Spare Parts with Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pads for HONDA

Short Description:

  • Brake System: AKB
  • Width: 151.7 mm
  • Height: 64.7 mm
  • Thickness: 17.5 mm
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    Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is a fantastic all-around choice. This ceramic brake pad offers two critically important benefits: exceptional stopping power on the road and extremely quiet operation. You won’t have to worry about your brakes working effectively or concerning squeals or squeaks — this Bosch brake pad can offer excellent quality and reliability. Each brake pad is made with an advanced aerospace alloy that features copper-free ceramic and semi-metallic friction materials. A rubber core multilayer shim provides insulation against noise. A protective transfer layer extends the brake pad’s life and helps lessen the dust each time you stop.
    BrakeBest Select brake pads feature the new QuieTech shim design. Sealed with a polymer based friction modifier, the new QuieTech shim neutralizes pad to caliper vibrations - resulting in quieter, smoother stops.
    100% asbestos-free friction in both semi-metallic and non-metallic formulations
    Platform-specific formulations for light trucks, SUVs, mini-vans and cars, including Ceramic, Semi-Metallic and NAO (Organic) friction materials.
    BrakeBest(R) Select sets the standard for brake system maintenance and repair. These products are made from premium quality materials. Whether you need brake pad, drums or rotors you can count on BrakeBest(R) Select to deliver quieter, smoother stopping power, longer life, and greater resistance to warping for years of safe and reliable performance. BrakeBest(R) Select offers their products in platform-specific formulations for light trucks, SUVs, mini-vans and cars, including Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, and NAO (Organic) friction materials.





    HONDA K24Z3
    HONDA K24Z5
    HONDA N22B2
    HONDA R20A3

    REF NO.




    BENDIX 572635B 572635B
    BOSCH 0 986 494 382 0986494382
    BREMBO P 28 043 P28043
    FERODO FDB4270 FDB4270
    FERODO FSL4270 FSL4270
    FMSI 9282-D2051 9282D2051
    FMSI D2051 D2051
    FMSI D2051-9282 D20519282
    GIRLING 6134779 6134779
    ICER 181894 181894
    JURID 572635J 572635J
    JURID 572635JC 572635JC
    LPR 05P1607 05P1607
    MINTEX MDB2954 MDB2954





    MTP-GROUP CD8565M CD8565M
    NECTO FD7460A FD7460A
    OE 45022-TL0-G50 45022TL0G50
    OE 45022-TL0-G51 45022TL0G51
    OE 45022-TL3-Q50 45022TL3Q50
    PAGID T1762 T1762
    REMSA 1390.02 139002
    ROADHOUSE 21390.02 2139002
    SAFELINE D3751 D3751
    TEXTAR 2476601 2476601
    TRW GDB3477 GDB3477
    WOKING P12903.02 P1290302
    WVA 24766 24766
    WVA 24785 24785
    WVA 24786 24786

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