Auto Parts Brake Pads for VOLVO 822-1120-0

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  • Height : 75.2 mm
  • Width : 181.4 mm
  • Thickness : 17.3 mm
  • Width 1: 180.1 mm
  • Height 1: 74.9 mm
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    Brake pads feature a metal backing plate with friction material on its face that presses against the brake rotor surface to stop your vehicle. They are compressed by the brake caliper when it receives hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder. Brake pads naturally wear down over time, but it's important to pay attention to their wear patterns. If the brake pads are squealing or grinding, they may have worn down to the backing plate, which can cause damage to the rotor. Brake pads that wear unevenly may indicate a problem with your brake caliper or guide pins. When your brake pads need to be replaced, you may notice your car shaking or pulsing when you brake. This may also be caused by a warped rotor, so it’s best to replace both when you complete a brake job. When you’re ready to fix your brakes, check out O’Reilly Auto Parts. We carry brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, and more for a complete repair.
    Take note that ceramic pads do not prevent rotors from warping. If a driver misuses or overheats car brakes, the rotors will warp. Some brake pads have improved heat-dissipation qualities, which can help prevent warping, but only to a certain degree since there is no way for rotors to be completely exempt from becoming warped. Thus, handle the brakes of a vehicle with care by avoiding hard braking whenever possible.
    Whether you have a vehicle with new or replacement ceramic brake pads, go easy on the pads at first. With ceramic brake pads, it is a good idea to avoid stopping quickly or braking heavily for at least the first few 100 miles.
    Each brake pad manufacturer will have a different recommendation for when you should replace your vehicle’s brake pads. Yet, most shops urge car owners to replace brake pads when only 20 percent of the original thickness remains or anywhere up to 70,000 miles.





    VOLVO XC90 2016-
    VOLVO XC90 Comfort 2016-
    VOLVO S90 2017-
    VOLVO S90 Comfort 2017-

    REF NO.




    A.B.S. 35151 35151
    AK AN-943K AN943K
    ATE 13.0460-7328.2 13046073282
    BORG & BECK BBP2597 BBP2597
    BRECK 22317 00 553 00 223170055300
    BREMBO P 86 027 P86027
    BREMSI BP3756 BP3756
    CIFAM 822-1120-0 82211200
    DELPHI LP3256 LP3256
    E.T.F. 12-1676 121676
    FMSI 9094-D1865 9094D1865
    FMSI D1865 D1865
    FMSI D1865-9094 D18659094
    GALFER B1.G120-1362.2 B1G12013622
    GIRLING 6121536 6121536
    HELLA 8DB 355 024-801 8DB355024801
    HELLA PAGID 8DB 355 024-801 8DB355024801
    ICER 182272 182272
    KAWE 1696 00 169600
    LPR 05P2004 05P2004
    METELLI 22-1120-0 2211200
    MINTEX MDB3839 MDB3839





    NIBK PN0696 PN0696
    NK 224831 224831
    OE 31445975 31445975
    OE 31445976 31445976
    OE 31476722 31476722
    OE 31476723 31476723
    OE 3 149 990 5 31499905
    OE 3 149 990 6 31499906
    OE 3 166 528 8 31665288
    PAGID T2515 T2515
    R BRAKE RB2272 RB2272
    REMSA 1696.00 169600
    ROADHOUSE 21696.00 2169600
    SB SP4024 SP4024
    SBS 1501224831 1501224831
    TEXTAR 2231701 2231701
    TRUSTING 1120.0 11200
    TRW GDB2153 GDB2153
    TRW GDB8118 GDB8118
    WOKING P17963.00 P1796300
    ZIMMERMANN 22317.185.1 223171851 1120.0 11200

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