What Are The Prompts For Brake Pad Alarms

1. Driving computer prompt:
A red word “please check the brake pads” will appear on the general alarm side. Then there is an icon, which is a circle surrounded by a few dashed brackets. Generally, it shows that it is close to the limit and needs to be replaced immediately.

2. The brake pad comes with a warning sheet reminder:
The brake pads of some older vehicles are not connected to the trip computer, but a small iron piece that can alarm is installed on the brake pads. When the friction material is worn out, the brake disc is not the brake pad, but the small iron plate for the alarm. At this time, the vehicle will make a harsh “chirp” sound of friction between metals, which is a signal to replace the brake pads.

3. Simple daily self-examination method:
Check whether the brake pads and brake discs are thin. You can use a small flashlight to observe and inspect. When the inspection finds that the black friction material of the brake pads is about to wear out, and the thickness is less than 5 mm, you should consider replacing it.

4. Car feel:
If you have more experience, you may feel that the brakes are softer when the brake pads are not available. This depends on your own driving experience for many years.
When you change the brake pad, the braking effect is certainly not as good as before. You will feel that the brake is relatively soft. At this time, you must step on the brake to eliminate the gap between the pad and the brake disc. In addition, the best braking effect can be achieved only after running in 200 km. The newly replaced brake pads must be driven carefully and pay attention not to follow the car too tightly.

Post time: Jun-28-2021